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Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening or silk screen printing, is the technique of using a stencil or “screen” to print inks directly to the surface of a garment. This method is the most cost effective way to reproduce the same image on multiple piece runs.

Types of Screen Printing We Offer:

Standard Plastisol

Plastisol is the most common ink used in apparel screen printing. It is a thicker and more durable plastic based ink that will withstand multiple washes and maintain maximum vibrancy long term. Plastisol can be physically felt on top of the shirt, rather than penetrating into the fabric like other types of water-based and discharge inks. These inks can be printed to feel super soft or have a heavy hand depending on the intended use.


Foils + Spot Colors

Foils can be designated to certain elements in the design, creating a little flare here and there. These types of prints are considered Foil + Spot colors and can have some really amazing results. We highly recommend using foil in moderation, Making the entire design full foil may result in total bling overload.


Discharge Inks

Discharge ink is specially formulated for printing on dark shirt colors. These inks can remove the original shirt color and re-dye the fabric to the desired ink color simultaneously. This will make your light colored inks feel like they are imbedded into the shirt fabric when printing on dark colored garments. Not every color combination or fabric type will work with discharge inks so be sure to ask your printer about the details before you place your order.


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Screen Printing Is Recommended for:

• Custom T-Shirt Printing

• Sweatshirts & Hoodies

• Work Wear & Uniforms

• Family Reunion T-Shirts

• Fundraising Products

• Team Sports & Jerseys

• Performance Fabrics

• Tote Bags

Screen Printing Prices Are Based On:

• Style or Product Type

• Number of individual colors in the design bein printed

• Number of print locations

• Total quantity

What is a screen charge or set up fee?
To produce screen printed t-shirts, each color in a design must go on its own screen or stencil.  The cost per screen is normally $25 per color. We can sometimes wave the setup fees on larger orders depending on the job. White under base is necessary on black garments and is considered a color or screen.  Reprints only $5 setup per screen.

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